If you feel Peter Teekamp's art and face look familiar... well that's very possible. For over 35 years he has appeared many times on TV across the USA and Europe. His work has been on book and magazine covers, appeared many times in the newspapers across the USA, Israel and Holland and other European countries. Peter has also appeared as an apostle in the movie "The Body" staring Antonio Banderas and Charlton Heston. "The Order" staring Claud Van Dam, as a tourist, the "BBC" as an apostle in "The life of Jesus", the Museum of Jerusalem as a High Priest, a Jewish movie as a hippie! Plus his work has been on posters, cards and many murals around the whole world.

Peter says "Some people take pictures when they travel, I leave pictures behind. I love what I do, so I do what I love... create/paint and travel. The world is for me, one open Studio/Gallery...."
His motto is: Take a blank wall and make it alive. Home is where you are, and the only thing that matters is the moment, the present, and that is a gift!

Thank you for your interest in Peter Teekamp/Artist

His art is also available to the public for purchase (see

Please call or email Peter for more information.
Many references are available upon request! If Peter's in your neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see his latest creations and get one of your own!

Where is he Now?
Peter is now in Bremerton WA.USA

From: Peter.

Peter Teekamp's Murals have generated a lot of publicity here in the Northern Black Hills. Here is an article that ran on November 2nd, 2002, in the Rapid city Journal.
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Here are a few of the news clippings that Peter's work has generated.
There have also been numerous TV segments that have resulted from Peters painting & murals.
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