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The Motel
Spearfish Canyon
Other Murals

Photographs can capture some of the details, but not the real essence and life that are rich in Peter Teekamp's murals.
Peter's murals have details that are not always evident the first (or even the second or third) time you look.
These murals are people stoppers! If you want your business to get noticed, then you want a mural from Peter! If you want a genuine piece of art in your home, then contact Peter Teekamp.
He may be in your area soon and if not, Peter is willing to travel provided there is enough advance notice. Current Rates & Localities

"Celebrating the Spirit"
This is an interpretation of Bridal Veil Falls in Spearfish Canyon.
(Click on the pictures to see the larger view)

The Asymmetry

The First Sketch

Getting the Wall Ready

Preliminary Work by Peter

It's been fun to watch as Peter adds a new color or feature to the mural. Each color brings the mural more into focus and seems to add a whole new level to the overall picture. When he painted in the planets, the mural started to take on a rich 3-D effect.
Below are some pics of the "work in progress"

Click Here for an animation of the progress of the mural.
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Take a detailed tour of this mural Right Here!

(Also includes an interpretation from Peter telling about this mural)

Web designers note: The building which this mural of the Spearfish Canyon is being painted, is my office. I've watched Peter Teekamp work for most of the summer now. Besides painting the motel, he's done various murals around the town of Spearfish. Peter IS an Artist!, and a VERY professional person too. I was expecting someone that worked "when the spirit or mood hit them"... this is most certainty NOT the case with Peter Teekamp. Peter is currently painting in the chilly Fall weather... and as long as the paint doesn't freeze, he's been working! What a joy it is to get an original Peter Teekamp mural, but the frosting on the cake is working with a genuine artist that has the high quality character of Peter Teekamp!
Thanks Peter!!
Randee Peterson
PS: Anyone that wants a reference will get a great one from me! Just ask!