Peter Teekamp has painted murals all over the world! Peter's murals are rich in symbolism and can go many levels deep. Whether you are looking from afar or close up, you'll find great attention to detail and a few surprises...
Peter is currently living his life's dream, traveling around the world and earning his living with his hands and paint brushes. Not many artists can create murals of this kind of quality.
An original Peter Teekamp mural will set your business and home apart from the rest and add a great conversation piece to your everyday living for many, many years to come! Real art for the real people of today.

Commissions are encouraged and begin at $500 plus travel expense, depending on size and detail. Commissions can be done through the mail/email with photos. Prints are available signed by the artist. Prices are subject to change. Call or email Peter for more information.
Many references are available upon request! If Peter's in your neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see his latest creations and get one of your own! and
Peter Teekamp
PO BOX 2653
North Band, WA 98045
Phone: 1-425-831-1444

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