The Gazebo
The Motel
Spearfish Canyon
Other Murals

Photographs can capture some of the details, but not the real essence and life that are rich in Peter Teekamp's murals.
Peter's murals have details that are not always evident the first (or even the second or third) time you look.
These murals are people stoppers! If you want your business to get noticed, then you want a mural from Peter! If you want a genuine piece of art in your home, then contact Peter Teekamp.
He may be in your area soon and if not, Peter is willing to travel provided there is enough advance notice. Current Rates & Localities

Take, for example "The Gazebo" below, which Peter painted in the Summer of 2002. (Click on the pictures to see the larger view)

The mural takes on a whole new life from day to night.

Take a look at the lady from the far, near, close-up and detailed vantage points.
In person, she gives the feeling that she might have some ancient wisdom
to impart to those that would only stop to listen.
This is just some of the detail that is present in every mural by Peter Teekamp.
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Peter's murals are rich in symbolism.

Here is just one example:
The Dove is the Spirit, the Rose is Love
and the Fish is Life.
"The Spirit gives Love to Life"

Below are more pictures to help show some of the rich detail in Peter's murals.
If you look close, you can see more than just what the pictures display! Also check out the birds, butter flies, dragon flies, spider webs and more!
Look for the hidden necklace that helps clue you into the love story behind this mural.
(Click on the pictures to see the larger view)