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The All Star Travellers Inn
Photographs can capture some of the details, but not the real essence and life that are rich in Peter Teekamp's murals.
Peter's murals have details that are not always evident the first (or even the second or third) time you look.
These murals are people stoppers! If you want your business to get noticed, then you want a mural from Peter! If you want a genuine piece of art in your home, then contact Peter Teekamp.
He may be in your area soon and if not, Peter is willing to travel provided there is enough advance notice. Current Rates & Localities

Take, for example, The All Star Travellers Inn below, which Peter painted in the Summer of 2002. This motel is a great place to stay, but it lacked personality and was basically the same as many other motels. The new owners, Marv & Rhonda Buckenberg decided to make a new image for their place. What an incredible transformation it's been! Now they have a place that people remember and even talk about!

Peter painted murals around the whole place...

The History of America
What once was an ugly white block wall became a story board.
From the Beginning of time to the present.
(Click on the small pictures to see the larger)

In the beginning, there was light, love & life. (notice the fetus in the galaxy)

The native Indian adored and honored the White Buffalo. (The promise)

Life was a circle to the native Indian. The eagle above representing spirit.

They honored the family and lived off of and with the land.

The white man came with the fire stick, and overnight, everything changed.

More and more kept coming...
By the wagon load and even on foot.

They built square homes, put in roads and fences and electricity.
Notice all the obstructions and utilities in the wall. The Air Conditioners became part of the columns, one air vent became part of the motorcycle in the Mt Rushmore sceen and another became part of a buffalo skull, conduit pipes became part of the sunset and skylines and an electrical box becomes a safe. When you look at the wall straight on, it appears flat, but it you see the side view, then you realize it has a lot of things that Peter wove into the whole mural.

The Industrial Age trains came and once again, everything changed overnight with such easy and available transportation.

They carved their leaders into the mountains, and the horses were traded for cars & bikes with gasoline engines.
Wounded Knee
Between the two murals to the left, there is a secret, almost hidden mural. It's actually right between the Train and the Mt Rushmore murals. Obscured by a telephone pole, is a sceen representing the massacre at Wounded Knee. In 1890, government troops shot and killed Sioux Indian men, women & children.
Below are 4 pictures of that mural.

You will see a safe, nearby a combination and a key. All while the candle above the safe slowly burns out. "They gave us money with no value". (The dollar says "none" instead of "one")

This is where the mural lies hidden.
Here is an image of a famous photograph taken after the massacre. It shows an elderly Indian frozen in the snow.

Notice the blood in the close-up?
The safe, the key and the candle.

America, Freedom of Religion. Notice the symbols in the stars. (see pictures below)

The lady looking at the twin towers. (9-11-2001) NO reflection in the waters...

The Christmas tree is a symbol of hope, while the Spirit gives Love to Life.

Crazy Horse will be finished. Keep tracing the Rainbow and look into the clouds.
In the row of pictures to the right, the first mural shows 3 symbols. If you look close, you can see the symbols for Judaism, Muslim and Hindu in the upper part of the mural while the crosses in the center represent Christianity They represent the freedom of religion we so enjoy here in the USA. The last picture represents the Black Hills Passion Play. This wall mural is on Meyer St., which leads right to the Passion Play.
The three religious symbols.
The three crosses of Christianity.
The Passion Play Theater.

Keep the Spirit high and stay focused. Notice the eagle in the sky and the spears focused in the front.

Mourn the ones who have fallen, and celebrate the Spirits who are now happy in the big sky above.

Peter in front of his history mural

A bigger view... this is a BIG mural!
Now the whole region knows about the AllStar Travellers Inn of Spearfish. An old wall has become a real work of art! This was quite a challenge... lots of air conditioners sticking out, utility panels and metal conduit pipes, and more.

The Indoor Swimming Pool

Some scenes as you drive by.

Showing this whole motel could take a book!
You'll just have to stop to see any more than this!
There are lots and lots of details that are simply not shown by these pictures. To see them, you'll just have to stop in Spearfish, SD at the All Star Travellers Inn (